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Don’t let a loved one sit in a cell when you could be planning your legal strategy. Put the powerful and knowledgeable services of our friendly and understanding bail bondsman to work for you promptly and at the lowest cost allowed by law.

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Get out of the cell with help from our friendly bail bonds service by calling 24 Hour Bail Bonds, LLC in Stamford, Connecticut. Our company provides the best service in the industry throughout New York and Connecticut jurisdictions, including the federal courts. With more than 30 years of experience, and a former criminal defense specialist on staff, we're known for being fast and professional. We charge the lowest fees allowed under state law, and are so confident in our fees that we have a price-match program to ensure you never pay too much. Our understanding and informative service is always there when you need it.

Contact 24 Hour Bail Bonds, LLC in Stamford, Connecticut, for superior bail bonds services and help when you need it most.

We Have More than 30 Years of Experience

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